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The Council Of The Trees (a poem by BonnieSue & me)

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The trees stared down on another day, near a small, old peaceful town....Content and wandering what would be, while another new day dawned....They watched the children laugh and play, like visions from a timeless scene....For a moment they could see the past, as familiar pictures came into view....Clothes could be seen, hung from the line, waving merrily in the wind....Smoke curled up into the air as hungry people gathered 'round....The morning ended, the day complete and the dogs ate what was left....The circle of life made the trees smile and filled them full of joy....With magic of old, The Council of Trees allowed another season to be....

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You two work so well together!

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JEG325 in reply to Iloveart7

Thak you, my friend! Your praise means everything to me!

Hi JEG. I’m also using supplements instead of medication. Please tell me again what you use. I was having a problem sleeping too and am using something for that too. Sometimes I still struggle with anxiety:depression but I know it takes longer for the supplements to work. How are you doing overall? Do you go to a

naturopath ?

I’m going to a homeopathic nutrionist. I have friends who think I should go back to meds but I don’t want to because of side effects. Do you run into that?

Im also using a light that is supposed to help SAD.

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JEG325 in reply to Southpark

Good. Yes, my friends think I should use meds but, I will never use med! Look, if you are suffering SAD, I would bank on you being low on Vit D. I take 7,500 iu's per day and that may not be enough. What helps SAD the most? 20 to 30 minutes full on skin contact with bright sunlight! That + Vit D works wonders on all anxiety & depression. I also take B-complex 50, magnesium citrate, prescription potassium, zinc & vit C. These are all anti-anxiety, anti stress, pro immune system vitamins. They have a positive, direct affect on my life! I have been using those supplements for 20+ years. I have also taken many others too. I know a little something about almost all herbs/vitamins and supplements....How did you like my poem?

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Southpark in reply to JEG325

I take 5000 i.u. Of Vit D&K, Vit C, Vit B, krill oil, magnesium,DHEA,

Hemp oil, and some other things. For sleep I take a few more. Did you say you are a dr?

How did you figure out exactly what you need?

I have tried the medication route but find that doesn’t work for me. It’s great to talk to

someone else who is trying other things.

We get very little sun in the winter. That is why I am using the full spectrum light. I’m hoping it will help. I’ve only been using it for a short time.

Your poems are very good. I write them too. I find I get a release when I write. It’s very therapeutic.

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JEG325 in reply to Southpark

Ever consider joining a writing group. We have 7 and am looking for an eighth writer, with an eye towards publishing a compilatiion of our best writing, painting, drawing, sketching, photography, ect. You sound like you would be a prime candidate. We are meeting on my pm at 7. If I add your avatar to the others, you can access the group chat line 24/7. No, I'm not a doctor. It's probably a good thing I'm not. I hate drugs with a passion. I'm just a really good researcher, who has been using supplements for 20+ years. Always glad to help though.

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JEG325 in reply to Southpark

By the way, full spectrum lighting is helpful. But, nothing replaces actual sunlight.

Bonnie Sue and JEG your lines are amazing, nice work

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JEG325 in reply to Starrlight

Awesome praise coming from someone that's trully amazing herself!

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