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Potential triggers, sorry

Feel like giving up and walking into the woods to die. Depended on husbands for everything. Recently divorced again. Living with elderly parents who dont believe in depression. Fearing what to di if car dies. 48 yo female nanny. Depression affecting my jobs but cant quit, need money to fix car. Embarassing but dont know how to take care of myself and not sure how much longer I can sustain. No health ins, not sure how ti get it. Scared like a little child. Where do I begin to get help? Should I stop working til I get help? Without insurance, can I get help?

8 Replies

Call the national suicide hotline 1-800-273-8255

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Hang in there please. Does your state have Medicaid as part of Affordable Care Act? There’s a way to get the help you need?

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The medicaid option is a great suggestion. Type in (your state + medicaid) and start from there. If you can get medicaid you can get to see someone who will listen to you and direct you to the right people who will know what to do. Having even just one person to speak to makes a huge difference. Please hang in there

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Please remember it does get better, you are not alone in this. We all at some point in our life go through hardships but that doesn’t mean we should just end our life. Please stick around to see it does get better, you have so much to live for. So much ahead of you, think of all the great things in store for you!

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You can also text HOME to 741741 to speak with a crisis counselor if you are in the US. You are not alone. Know you are loved and you ARE love. You are here on this Earth for a reason. Sometimes the darkness shows us what that reason is. Hang in there💛

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Search online for therapists in your area. You can indeed pay out of pocket without insurance, and you can call the place ahead of time to see what they do in that situation. I believe some therapists base their fees off of the patient’s income for those who would otherwise have trouble affording it. A therapist can help big time, so that’s definitely the way to go.

So sorry to hear that your parents don’t believe depression is a real thing. It most definitely IS real and can be completely debilitating to those who have it. It’s unfortunate that so many people out there truly don’t understand it... That is why I found this forum. On here you’ll find a huge group of people who truly deeply understand what you are going through and go through it every day themselves. In the time while you are searching for a therapist, this site can act as a sort of therapy too. I know it helps me anyways :)

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You can also find agencies that would help you sign up on for insurance. On, you can find plans listed. They offer a subsidy (discount) on the coverage based on your income. (My uncle's was covered completely by the subsidy.) The worst thing about their site is they sometimes asked the same question on the application. It did this four times for one question, maybe more, but it wasn't terrible. Car repairs suck. I used to be able to do my own but now I go to a garage. When I was with my husband, he did most of the work and he also had others ask him to work on their car. He didn't charge them a lot because they were friends.

Help also starts on this site. The replies I get and the posts I read help me feel like someone really understands and some have great advice. Keep trying. Keep going to work. Without the job to go to, your depression can only worsen. Too much free time makes me more depressed and just tired, sleeping all day, staying in solitude. At least now I seem more hopeful than I was before coming here. Prayers and hugs.

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Can you get insurance through Medicaid or via the government site? Your battle to fight depression is important and with the right resources and support you can do quite well. Find out what is available in your area for resources. Do not let anyway make you feel bad for reaching for help. Take pride that you are reaching for help. I hope you get to start healing soon!

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