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A small victory followed by a crash


Yesterday I felt something was changing. The killing chronic fatigue was lessening and my thinking was heading back to normal and I actually enjoyed watching a sports game on TV. Is this what coming out of depression feels like, I wondered. By late evening I was feeling quite positive and made some plans for today.

When I went to bed about 11pm I decided to wait 30 minutes before taking a sleeping pill. I didn't expect I could get to sleep without it (never have), but I felt tired (in a healthy way). The next time I checked the time it was 2:30am! I had actually fallen asleep without medication. After that I was able to fall asleep again for a few hours and then intermittently until I got up.

It's the first time since my insomnia began a couple of months ago that I have been able to sleep without medication, in fact I have often not been able to sleep even after taking a pill, so I felt it was a small victory.

Today however hasn't been so good - bad fatigue, anxiety and negative thoughts.

I'd like to hear other people's experience with insomnia and coming out of depression.

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My insomnia started September 4th.... and it is miserable! I have bad anxiety too. Some days I feel great, other than being exhausted... other days it's an up and down. I try to sleep without any sleep aid and get anywhere from 2-5 hours. Then after 3 days I cave and take a generic unisom. It didn't work last night, but I'm hopeful to get this insomnia out of here! I hope the same for you.

Llab in reply to Jenyleigh

Do you know what's causing your anxiety? How are you managing it? I don't take meds for anxiety, just following the usual advice to exercise (walking), do breathing practices (4-7-8 and others) avoid caffeine, etc. It seems to help quite a lot. For many people reducing anxiety is the key to beating insomnia (and insomnia makes anxiety worse).

I'd prefer not to use meds but sometimes they are lifesavers, like the times you have to get up early the next morning. Trying to function properly when you haven't slept is really miserable. Hope you can overcome your insomnia speedily.

Jenyleigh in reply to Llab

My anxiety has been better recently...I won't take meds, YET. I might have to give in. As soon as I stopped drinking so much caffeine my insomnia started, so I'm going to start drinking coffee again. I'm doing some research into all this. I have no motivation because of being so tired. I'm a GO GO Go person so this is hard.

Llab in reply to Jenyleigh

That's interesting about caffeine. Usually it's bad for anxiety but I have met people who said coffee made them sleepy. I hope it works for you.

I am glad llab that you had a good day and good night. you are on the road to recovery. be patient with yourself. most importantly, believe in yourself. you are breaking thru the cycle and can do it again. focus more on the positive things. like what you are good at and like to do. look for events and support groups in your area that are of similar interest and will bring like minded people to your circle of influence. You can experience another positve day and night like before . hugs of encouragement and support. search out activities of your interest and support groups. a step in the right direction. :)

Llab in reply to Sabio77

Thanks for your encouragement, it's appreciated. I certainly hope that I am breaking out of this depression and anxiety but I realize that it will take time. A few good days don't mean it's over and we shouldn't get our hopes up too high. On the positive side, a few bad days aren't the end of the world, although they sure feel like it.

Motivation is in short supply, even on good days, but I'm trying to use it to get moving in a good direction. Thanks again.

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