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Relentless social anxiety

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I used to be able to somewhat manage my anxiety by telling myself that it was just my imagination or that everyone else is self conscious too. But after I had moved to a new town I no longer can comfort myself with those thoughts. Recently, I can just get a panic attack simply by walking down the hallway. It’s all of those people looking at me and talking, I try an escape the space as quickly as possible before I see anyone I might know or might want to talk to me. And when I finally get home I hide under a blanket where I feel safe and can calm down. I know that avoiding people will only make it worst, but I find it unbearable to talk to, or even be in the presence of someone other than my family. To make it worst, it’s so bad that I am unable to ask for help. And even if I do, It’s when people ask me “why” do I just chicken out and say forget about it.

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