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Warning: rant

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I am so tired of people who are not supportive giving me grief about my methods of relief from anxiety. I understand if you are one of those ppl that just does not know what to say to someone with issues but keep it moving with yo judgement! I have been either drunk or high everyday for a decade and tomorrow. Ill be 30 days clean off Marijuana and have only drank 2x during it, today being one of those times. I had an interview 90 days ago for a good job and nailed the interview but didnt get it. Today they called me back for the same position, in for another interview and I did it but I couldnt even celebrate because last time I killed it and they didnt hire me so how am I supposed to feel about this okay interview? I had 4 beers to decompress after the 4 days of pre interview anxiety I endured for possibly nothing....f*cking sue me. I need a job to be better and when I nailed a previous interview with the same company for the same job yea thats not gonna give me the satisfaction I need post interview but -OH makes the bad feelings stop! I already judge myself for needing it I dont need unhelpful ppl piling on!

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Hello. We all deal with things our own way. I smoke weed too to help and get criticized for that too. I’ve also been job hunting since I’m fresh out of university. I’m not gonna judge your decisions. You do what is best for you. However, alcohol is a depressant so I just hope it doesn’t end up making things worse. You might feel good for a bit but it only lasts so much. I’m not saying that in a bad way. I’m just worried about it adding more negative effects long term. I had post anxiety after an interview today and couldn’t eat. The weed brings back my appetite so it helps me in more than one way. I try to smoke as little as possible due to drug testing and stuff but I’ve passed one before using a detox drink that I got at a smoke shop. Plus I drink a lot of water so I’m not too worried about it. I told one person about using weed for anxiety and depression and this person talked to me like I was the worst person on earth. People will always be quick to judge not knowing the extent of a situation. I’m glad you opened up about this. I was job hunting for 6 months before today. It takes some time especially since it’s the end of the year and it’s a little hard to find somt at this point. Keep your head up and keep looking. The right job will come. Don’t get discouraged. It’s not about you personally. Try to figure out what went wrong maybe and see if you can improve in that area. I hope this helped a little. You’re not alone.

Also, rant it out! It helps!

Hey am so glad u was brave enough to bring up the topic. I use to self medicate for years that’s the only way, at that time to numb my feelings and at that time it help me to get out the house and do everything that anxiety was stopping me from doing and I still smoke weed from time to time because I have a medical marijuana card I mean I stop one problem to start another and I know it was the best choice but it was for me at the time because I couldn’t cope without alcohol and I started drinking in my teen years so am talking years of alcohol abuse I will never judge anybody am here to support u and to understand u we’re not perfect so please don’t beat yourself up because of it do what helps u as lone as u not hurting no body do u and when u ready to get help get help I want u to feel safe to talk about what’s brothing u instead of keeping in everybody have they all issues and we deal with them the best way we know how am here for u

Thanks for your support tamka38 and Racheezy

If you look into it with a therapist you can have it medically precribed. Here in NY. they are using it for anxiety as well as for pain. My friend is getting a precription for a dispensery. Don't listen to what people say,they talk because they have nothing better to do with themselves. You take care of yourself first. You have people here that care and want to help so keep your chin up 😉

Btsrslyffft your post made me want to get on my own soap box. Ironically it's a sermon, but I hope you'll get the connection.

As a Christian a pet peeve of mine has always been judgey Christians (and people in general that view anything off kilter as an opportunity to pass judgement). A key tenant of Jesus' teachings is that we should never judge and that we're all sinners. Whatever your "sin" is, is really none of my business and it's not any better or worse than the issues in my own life.

I hope my quick rant/sermon wasn't too bad.

I won't pretend to know your struggles, I just want to encourage to shrug off the judger's (they're either covering up something on their end anyways or just bad at helping). Naturally, I think belief in Jesus is best for any condition. But even then, salvation is the beginning and there is still much room to grow. In my case it was anxiety and some depression mixed with some poor life decisions. The Good Lord continues to help me navigate.

I commend you for your sobriety from marijuana. That seems like something to celebrate. Hang in there and God speed.

I got the job! I start Dec. 17th!

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