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Brother in-law was diagnosed with depression + psychosis

Thank you in advance. Maybe because we are new with this situation but it seems really difficult to get help or find good help when it come on how to know the right thing to when living with someone with depression.

He attempted suicide, we are now worried that he might do it again. He is refusing to take his med. we are not sure how to encourage him to take his meds and we are not sure if we should leave him alone. If he should live on the basement part of the house or encourage him to move up with us.

Sorry for the multiple questions. Thank you in advance for any insight and comments. Thank you.

We are currently in the NAMI Waiting for family support.

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Often when someone is taken to a hospital with suicidal depression and not responding to other intervention they may use electroconvulsive therapy. A treatment that's less extreme and probably as effective is ketamine infusion therapy. I definitely wouldn't put him in the basement and hope for the best. The site has info on ketamine:



Thank you


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