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Someone responded to a post I had made the other day but asked me a very good question. It would be nice to see how others would respond to the question. I had posted that I had a good and happy day. She wanted to know what it was that made it a good day. I responded with I felt happy that day, my students behaved well that day and everything just flowed nicely. What make others with anxiety and depression have a good day?

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when I can tune out the world when I feel overwhelmed by things that are out of my control in my living situation at the moment. I put on my headphones and I paint. The thing is now....I'm running out of canvas to paint on..haaaa!!!!.... but where there is a will there is a way....

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I need to get some canvas too! I am just learning to paint.

When I see my little girl, but then anxiety creeps in. I’m worried my anxiety/depression issues will rub off on her.

When I accomplish something. Even if it’s only house chores.

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