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Is it too early to sleep?


Hi. Been suffering with depression and mild anxiety for nearly a year now. I am on 30mg of citalopram and have been since january. Works busy but im just mentally drained all the time and find little pleasure in doing things after work or even at weekends. I kinda feel myself drifting away from friends and work colleagues. Whats even worse ive just getting over the worst of thrush..which is nearly gone thank god! I just feel spaced out and tired all the time. Can anyone suggest anything? Thanks:)

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Boy I really empathize with feeling disconnected and spaced out all the time. Especially lately. You aren't alone.

For my part, I've been trying to work in more "intentionality" into my daily tasks. I'm already a to do list kind of guy, to help with my memory. I've been adding to-do's that focus on my relationships and the things I want to avoid. The risk is that I might get too busy for making the lists or let my priorities shift. It's taking discipline. When I stay focused on the tasks, I feel much more connected and effective.

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