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Night light

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When I was younger I would use a night light because I couldn't sleep in the darkness. I eventually grew out of that habits, but only for a short while. Now I can't sleep unless I have a light on and some sort of background noise to help keep away the darkness, the thoughts of not being good enough, the thoughts that remind me of everything that I've fucked up. I know it's ridiculous, but the light makes me feel safer, because at least then I can see my demons.

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That’s totally understandable, I personally sleep in the dark but I have to have some kind of white noise like a fan or something otherwise those thoughts creep in, idk if you want but if you do I have some recommendations for background noise that even help just make you fall asleep

I'm always open to suggestions, anything that can help would be greatly appreciated

I personally love sleeping podcasts or meditation podcasts, if you have an Apple product I recommend tracks to relax or type in meditation oasis and look for the animated drawing of a lady, the meditation oasis one has sleep podcasts, anxiety podcasts, renewal, stuff like that where you meditate and personally they all help me fall asleep, but tracks to relax are specifically designed to help you fall asleep and there’s are different in they have you imagine different relaxing scenarios

Thank you I will definitely give that a try and see if it works for me!

Ya of course, I’ve had people tell me they do asmr to fall asleep too, personally I don’t like it the way some people do, but you could also try that, or even just general podcasts, which I also have lots of recommendations for

I will definitely look into all of them and see which ones work best, if any. Thank you for the help

Anytime :)

If I have any more questions would it be cool to message you?

Absolutely anytime I’ll always answer as soon as I can :)

Okay great thank you again

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