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About last night...

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So my boyfriend and I went shopping last night, and i had a few outburts. I am almost 10 months post gastric bypass, and don't really know what size clothing I wear ( i pretty much live in scrubs due to work) so i get very anxious and nervous about buying any clothes, and I also hate spending money when i can think of other things it could go to. I know i need to buy clothes, as everything i own is about 10 sizes too big. But because of this i may have snapped at my boyfriend a few times. I feel horrible because i let my anxiety get the best of me, and it's not right that i yelled at him. But it's hard explaining to him my self image issues. He is post gastric bypass as well ( 2yrs). I am currently about 150lbs lost, but i still am very self aware of my size, and its soo depressing when looking for clothes, i dont want to buy anything, because in a month it will be too big.

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Try the local goodwill or salvation army. You can find brand new things without spending a lot of money and it benefits a good cause. I shop at both. Hope this helps. Wishing you well!!

Congratulations on your success, it is not easy to follow through with your plans laid out by the doctor and that in itself is to be celebrated!!

I understand the struggle to buy clothes that won't fit long. I am in the process of buying bigger clothes and cringe at the thought, as I hope I won't stay here or keep getting heavier.

I love the idea of consignment or thrift stores as an option, also charity fundraisers may have clothing.

How about hosting a clothing swap party for local woman? Some woman like me going up in size may not want to buy more clothes and have things your size. Also, this is a great way to try a variety of styles and sizes and not spend. Even if you don't find what you want a new set of friends can be a blessing.

Perhaps shopping without your significant other will make the process less stressful.

I pray that you find the peace in this new journey. You are doing great!!

Best wishes~

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