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I have not posted in a week or so. The due date for my boyfriends child was 9/14/18, that weekend was hell, the stress and depression was very heavy. As an empath i find myself absorbing my boyfriends emotions, and I know that is not good for me. Someone sent him a facebook message on 9/21/48 with a picture of the baby, he was upset that he missed the birth, so we sent flowers, and she reached out to him on 9/23/18 allowing him to come meet the baby on 9/24/18. He found out he had a daughter, he is over the moon. Now he hasn't heard anything since Monday morning and he just wants to see his daughter. I am trying my best to redirect his attention, but it is getting a bit much for me. I have to remind him that it is overwhelming the first few weeks, and he is not helping withe the constant texting . I really think he should go thru court, prove paternity, and file for visitation and such. He just wants instant gratification, and does not get that the stress of this affects me as well. Other than that, the meds have been helping me alot.

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I want to congratulate you first on your unconditional loving of your boyfriend and him having a baby with another women and your support for him. Most people would not be able to do that....but you also need to support you own feelings around all of this as your boyfriend needs to do what he feels is right for him to do. Best wishes to all of you.

Thank you. As a single parent, my son's father never wanted to be a part of his child's life. So when I see my boyfriend doing everything under the sun to be in his daughter's life, i need to support that. Honestly he has been an amazing support system for me. Because of him i have started taking meds and going to counseling for my anxiety and depression. He has his own mental health issues as well, we are trying to work as a team.

that's unconditional love...and both of you are very blessed to have each other.....I hope all goes well for him to get to see his daughter as I grew up never knowing my father or who he was, and it destroyed me for many decades....and he's a good dad to want to be in her life..... if the mother won't allow visitation....for sure push for court ordered paternity and visitation rights for the daughters well being as well.

I am a firm believer of going thru the courts for paternity and visitation/custody. I explained to him ,that god forbid she ever decided to renig on any agreements they had outside of court, it wouldn't matter because it was not legally binding. He just wants to be there. It's gonna be a long road. I've reached out to her as well to see if she needed any diapers or anything like that.

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