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Beautiful day ...if you can get outside

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Guys, it is very nice outside, not hot...but warm and sunny. I hope you have the same where you are, and most importantly: you can get outside, walk around, meet with friends...anything what makes you feel happier and more alive.

I am planning today and tomorrow as well to be more outside and go places ...enjoy the nature and good weather.

Wish you all the same and not let anxiety and depression to interfere ...but if it does, nature and light and walks could help to make it better, it does for me!

Love, health, energy to all of you!

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Hi morenews, I'm looking forward to getting outside this weekend. It's beautiful here in Chicago. Fall is in the air and I'm so ready. Enjoy your weekend. It's always amazing how I feel just by being outside and seeing life all around me. Thank you for writing your post xx

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Thank you, Agora, yesterday was very nice ... and I will make sure today is great too regardless of some rain ... :)


The cool weather hasn’t arrived yet in S.C. as it was 88 degrees yesterday, but I still went outside and enjoyed the day. I love gameday this time of year! Enjoy your Sunday...hugs...

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Hugs to you too...we have a little rain today...but it would not spoil my weekend.

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