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High School


This is sort of the first year with REAL high school drama. I’ve always struggled with depression and anxiety but this year it’s just increased by my ex. I thought we ended on good terms, but he’s just been really terrible to me. We share a friend group, so he’s always around. He’s even decided to get involved in my extra curriculars, which he never did while we were dating. He’s the one who ultimately ended things so I don’t understand what his problem is. I’m anxious all the time and I don’t know how to deal with it. Any tips?

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Drama with exes can be a real drain. Can you try telling yourself that because he is no longer your boyfriend what he does doesn't need to affect your view of yourself anymore? Or put another way, don't let him have any control over what you think about yourself? Get used to being your own person again now that you are single?

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