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The past few months i've been dealing with substantial loneliness coupled with lack of drive towards things that I used to love. All hobbies seem mundane and at work i've had nowhere near my normal level of productivity. Work was always able to distract me as I enjoy my work. I've struggled with depression for years and was prescribed setraline to try to help but I don't like the side effects of the medication so I stopped taking it. This week I had an event that drove me to start taking my medication again and though it is an acceptable fix for the short term I don't want this to be a long time solution. I'd much rather be able to deal with my depression without medication and I guess i'm finally ready to start looking for methods to a healthier lifestyle that don't require medication. What have others here tried?

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Get your thyroid checked, it can cause all the symptoms you mentioned. Try homeopathic pellets, they do wonders for me. Make sure you’re taking a high quality multi vitamin and maybe consider D in a higher dose and all the Bs. B-12 shots can be effective. I find green tea to be a great balancer. BHRT if your hormones are off. Adrenals and cortisol support supplements could help too.

I am sorry for what you are going through. depression and anxiety can really do a number on us. do you have any siblings, friends or maybe your church pastor you can talk too. I noticed you say you were on an antidepressant previously but stopped taking it. How long were you off of it? and when you started taking it again did you use what you had left ? was it expired ? if it was it may not be effective. Also are toy seeing a Psychiatrist and therapist for your depression? if not and you need someone to talk to Focus On The Family offers free counselling advise and can refer you to someone in your area. Here is the number 1-855-382-5433. Also if you do find yourself in crisis you can use the Crisis Text Line at 741741 and a professional will text you back. Prayers my friend.

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