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Does anyone take Doxepin or any other drug to help with sleep?

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I’m scared! I didn’t take my dose of Doxepin last night. I went to bed realizing I didn’t take it but figured I was tired anyway and would just drift off to sleep. I did, but woke up in a state of panic around 5:00 am, tossing and turning, frightening thoughts running through my head, racing heart, I’m worried I’m hooked on these meds. I also take Xanax XR and Luvox. I’m afraid I’ll end up in the hospital. I live alone and I’m so scared, I have no one to turn to.

Please any advice or thoughts would be appreciated.


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I would take your meds as prescribed for sure....and if your not getting any better soon for sure I would talk to your doctor...I'm sorry your going through must be exhausting and scary..... I'm glad your sharing about it always helps me.

I'm sorry about your episode & that you are alone. I'm going to be living alone & am terrified, but I have some time to try to get better & able to deal with it. I have Klonopin left over from when I admitted myself two years ago. I take a small piece when anxiety is real bad, & I also take it to sleep as I've had insomnia for many years. I have a tape that I listen to that has deep breathing, muscle relaxation, & visualization in it. It doesn't always work, but it does help a little to listen to the soothing voice. I found a list on-line somewhere of things you can say to yourself to calm down, such as "anxiety is uncomfortable but not dangerous; I'm thankful for ..........; this will pass; anxiety is a false alarm; feeling like I can't doesn't mean it's true; I can live fully even with anxiety; I'll do the opposite of what my mind is saying," etc. There are unlimited things on-line about anxiety & depression & I'm always researching. Cognitive behavioral therapy really works & helps to change your negative thinking. I've got a great book about it called "Feeling Good, The New Mood Therapy" by David Burns. That book & my therapist helped me get better two years ago, but you have to do the work. Hope some of this helps. Keep writing here too; I'm finding it hard to stay away from this site as I don't feel so alone when I write & read.

I took Doxepin for a long time years back but I just tapered off. It definitely helps with sleep!!

Turn to me.

I can help you with resources you may need.

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