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here to help :)


Hi, if anyone is going through a rough time right now that they don’t think they can go through alone, or even if someone just needs a buddy because they’re going through a lonely period in their life right now (ie. breakup, etc), feel free to message me!

i would be glad to offer a listening ear and support the best i can ❤️ hope everyone has a good night~


broken but still strong 💪🏻

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You are so selfless and generous... Thank you!!! 💕

anytime! :)

hello glad to see you , and what a kind and generous offer... I love when we can open our hearts to help another who may be suffering.... your a good egg, and I hope all is going well for you.... :)

thank you fauxartist and thanks for your help too! i’ve been going through a rough time still with my bf, but i’m thriving. Its people like you (and some others i’ve been messaging) who motivate me to help others as well! i don’t have many friends so i don’t know what i would’ve done without you guys! i wouldn’t have been able to heal at all that’s for sure 😊

Your very kind and a good heart honey, that's what we are all here for my friend.... so many of us only really have this community because very few people in our lives understand what we go through, so we are here for each other.... I'm very grateful for all these guys too and glad your here giving and sharing..... your doing good and it's very healing to help others too I think.

Awww you’re so cute orange! Xo 😘

That's so nice and kind x

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