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MIA, Yoga class and all other things..


Hi guys! I’ve been MIA these past few days because I got sick (flu) and I need to rest. And also I like to share to you that I enrolled in a Yoga class! I heard that yoga helps release stress and all. So I’m gonna try this. Also I decided to consult with my derma about my ADULT ACNE which contributes with my depression. I slowly learning that if you take care of the things that makes you depress or giving you anxiety, try to solve/get rid of it or ask help. In my case my acnes are making me depress thus going to the derma. The next one I’m thinking is my WORK (causing me anxiety) but I don’t have the will to quit my job yet lol. I’ll work on it soon.

How’s everyone btw?

Hugs and kisses. Always remember that you are worth it and loved x

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