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I have had the worse summer with my anxiety !!! This site has allowed me to connect with so many beautiful, caring people who are going through similar situations and it really sucks for all of us to be here BUT feels hopeful to know there are people out there to support you and that care. This is the beginning stage of my recovery, I refuse to have this "horrible anxiety" take over everything I love.

" Happiness is always there. You must have to choose to see it. There's no point dwelling in the dark and ignoring the light of the stars" prays to everyone who suffers in anyway, we must all be hopeful and stay positive. "

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So sorry that your anxiety has been extra bad this summer, and glad you've found some support here. My anxiety is always worse in the summer but I also HATE hot weather. I also learned reverse seasonal affective disorder is a thing, so that helped my summer blues make more sense. You're in the beginning stages, and that is really important! You will thank yourself later. :)


That is fantastic you feel this way,this website really is very supportive isn't it?

Freedom31 in reply to Hidden

It’s helped me realize my problem and I don’t feel alone...

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Yes its good this sites open into early hours to I'm often up at night

Thank you for sharing! I too understand an increase in anxiety this year. My favorite inspiring quote that came to me one day while I was writing on my blog...

"Joy despite pain is not denial but a necessity."

My journey to joy through anxiety and depression has come full circle, but that anxiety tries to creep up its ugly head. Thankfully I have built the skills and found what works for relief for me.

I pray that you have a release from those stress-filled anxiety moments. Please let me know if you would like some self-care techniques I have learned along the way.

Best wishes!

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