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I took off today because I just couldn't get up at 5:30an to get dressed. I said fuc it. This job makes me physically ill. Been stuck at this low wage job 9years now. No training, micromanaging, favoritism, nepotism. Just stuck. My hand cramps up so much from the typing I've had to do physical therapy and then got addicted to pain meds. I've tried applying to other jobs but my skills aren't really marketable. Going back to school is out because I owe student loans.

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Hi , Did it make you feel good ? If yes w2go , your free ,unstuck! !

I'm sorry that your job hasn't been great for such a long time. Are there other jobs that you might consider applying for? They wouldn't necessarily be your "dream job," but they may provide you with a much better environment than the one that you have been in. Could there be organizations you might consider volunteering with in order to gain experience in an area of interest?

Do you have a faith? I know that church has helped in some of my darkest times.

Please post again, we would love to know how you are doing!

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Not much faith any more

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