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I Went to The Event ... Thank You

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Yesterday my post was about going to a conference today and my social anxiety fear was way up.

Many of you responded with great words, advice, caring and empathy.

One of the people that replied mentioned that I won’t be the only person there with anxiety fears.

When I got there, yes it was very clicky. However I did look around the room and based on the feedback I received yesterday, I could easily spot others with anxiety. When I took my seat for the presentation I sat by two very nice women that greeted me and vice versa.

The presentation began (it was boring actually) and 20 minutes later my Hubby called that I needed to get him to his doctor (he has a bad cold).

So I ended up leaving early and it was a bit embarrassing a lot of people saw me leave. But that’s normal. I got Hubby to the doctor... and he’ll be fine.

Again, I greatly thank those of you that responded to my post yesterday. When I went to the event, I carried your words with me. They greatly helped.

All my best,


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"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself" - I wonder who said that lol

Glad everything went ok, Mr. Z! Have a wonderful weekend :)

Well it sounds like it went better than you expected, and I'm glad you sat next to two nice gals...what I liked too was that you looked around and noticed other people just like you, so you know now your not alone.....amazing isn't it when you feel just that bit of momentum in personal growth. I'm glad it went well for you.

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MrZee in reply to fauxartist

Thank you fauxartist. Yes, I received great feedback before I went. It goes to show there’s many like us out there. So we are not alone. We are okay. ❤️

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