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I got an interview with my dream job but never heard back so am accepting my second choice which is still a good opportunity. I have myself very anxious now because the job is with a hospital where I sought inpatient help for myself a year ago. I would not be working working with that unit directly or on a regular basis but am so nervous about seeing someone who might recognize me from that time. I was at my worst during that time and keep thinking how embarrassed I would be if someone recognized me. I don’t want to let this anxiety get to me before even starting this job bc it could ultimately sabotage things if I let it. Any advice or motivational thoughts would be very appreciated.

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Hi Turtle1450, don't let anxiety rob you of the good opportunity you have in working in the hospital. I've worked in the hospital, I've been an in patient in the hospital and my doctors are all from this same hospital. I can walk down the halls of the hospital at any time and just say "hello" to each and every person I've met in life's journey.

I also use that to my advantage in knowing different staff members. I'm not embarrassed and neither are they. We're all human and we all need help whether physically or mentally at some time in our lives. I feel hospital workers have a bond in respecting and caring for life. So Turtle, hold your head high, enjoy going to work each day with no shame. Good Luck and let us know how you do from time to time. xx

That meant a lot. Thank you for that.


Doesn’t hippa laws protect you from someone disclosing anything?

Agora1 in reply to Hidden

The hippa law does protect you from someone disclosing anything, I think it's more about feeling embarrassed for just knowing that these co workers know about your past.

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I can’t believe I didn’t think of that. I am starting a downward spiral and my mind isn’t as fast. Sorry.

Agora1 in reply to Hidden

There's no downward spiral my friend. :)

You have nothing to be sorry for. Hey it's me Agora :) x

Turtle1450 in reply to Hidden

Yes. Hang in there. I know how hard it is. I hate that I am letting these worries bother me so much. I can’t afford to have difficulty with another job. I am just so nervous.

From personal experience I've found that all people have faced some type of difficulty in their lives which actually gives them empathy toward others. More people applaud overcoming than criticize someone's struggles. Go to work with your head held high and if and that's a huge "if" someone were to say something to you speak with confidence and acknowledge the issue with few words. Choose not to live in fear. We are all perfectly flawed.

Thank you so much. I’m going to do my best to push forward. I was a little let down by not getting the job that I really wanted but I guess it wasn’t meant to be and this is the opportunity in front of me. I appreciate the kind words.

Hope things are going better for you today :)

Thank you. Overall its a bit better. I realized this job I took is definitely going to be super stressful which is tough especially when your having a difficult time. I hate that feeling that way immediately triggers me to think of all the mistakes and choices that made that led to me leaving my job of 8 years that I truly loved.

Try not to focus on past mistakes. We all have regrets and what "If" I'd made a different choice at one point thoughts, but that part of your life is behind you and you need to move forward. Have you allowed yourself to go through the grief process over your past choices? When we only beat ourselves up for our past choices we get "stuck" in a sense like a broken record. We play those scenes over in over in our psychic leading us to live in a place of regret. True grief relieves us of being stuck and helps us to be grateful for today. I would encourage you to speak to a counselor to help you work through your grief and move forward. Obviously, you are a capable person with much to offer (you have been hired for a demanding job). If you find speaking to a counselor face to face to much I would like to recommend New Life. You can call 1-800-NEW-LIFE or go online This counseling service helped me come unstuck after a personal life tragedy. I hope it helps you as well.

Thank you. I actually do see a counselor that I see and yes I do feel stuck at times but my issue is that I really liked what I did for a living and it was a specialty so it’s tough to get that type of job. I am now stuck taking jobs that I really do not like Bc they are in the same field and pay well. Where I get stuck is not necessarily that I didn’t let my past job go but that these other jobs cannot even compare to what I had before and they are so much more stressful(deal with really sad and chaotic situations with a population that I’m not as familiar with) and I don’t like the work. Plus I can tell in this new job that it is very micromanaged. I can’t talk to my husband bc he is over me taking different jobs and I can’t blame him. I just want to like going to work again and I can’t seem to find that. I am also super anxious on this type of work also. So that’s where I’m at. Any advice is welcome. I appreciate u checking in and hope u are well.

I'm good. Happy to hear you are with a counselor. I've had my struggles and I absolutely wore my husband down with my complaining. Today, looking back I'm so grateful he stayed with me and supported me. From what little I know I would encourage you to start practicing "good thoughts" and gratefulness. I had to choose to do this. After some time of pushing down the negativity things began to turn around for me and I believe they will for you as well. Be determined to stay put for now and to stop being negative. It will impact your thought life positively and it will start to change your outlook. Another positive is your relationship with your husband will improve and with the positive choices who knows at some future date you may be given an opportunity to get back into the field you love. Please know I understand this may sound easier said than done but with all disciplined actions (yes, this take discipline) if we continue we will reap a positive outcome.

Thank you. Yes, I am trying. I definitely still need to work on that. Any tips on pushing out the thoughts and trying to be positive. What works for you? I keep seeing the negative bc I don’t like the work and am realizing it’s difficult to get time off or go to appts during the day for my own health. I’m going to have to switch things around and possibly get some new docs. I’m telling myself that this is just a stepping stone and it will lead me to what I want again. I am open to any advise or suggestions. Thought stopping, etc. thanks so much.

I too had a hectic schedule and found it almost impossible to find a moment to help myself. I turned to online counseling at Heads up, it is a Christian counseling service but I found wisdom and the ability to redirect my thoughts by listening to their pre-recorded broadcasts. Sometimes getting unstuck involves looking where you never looked before. I hope this is an aid to you.

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