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Newbie with Panic Disorder


Hey all! I’m Heather, 37, and have been dealing with Panic Disorder/Nocturnal attacks since I was 19. Wanted to come on here and share my YouTube page with you, called My Interesting Life with Panic Disorder. I chronicle my life with it, try to brush away the stigma of mental health issues and also share how I get through. Feel free to check it out and add me :) Happy to meet all of you!

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Beautiful message from a beautiful soul! Thank you

Hi Heather and welcome to the group. I've been doing some research on factors that predispose one to have chronic panic attacks. I've had a strange combination of unexplained health conditions that have existed since birth. Besides constant, severe panic attacks, I was also diagnosed with mitral valve prolapse, significant scoliosis, bone/joint abnormalities and a malabsorption disorder that causes me to have severe acid reflux and a vitamin B12 deficiency. I did some research and found that I may have a underlying genetic disorder that is causing my severe panic episodes as well as my other symptoms. I haven't been tested yet for the disorder because my insurance won't pay for it. I'm having to save the money to pay for the genetic testing out of pocket. It would explain ALOT of trauma in my life and I could join a support group if I discover that it is this particular genetic condition. It won't help the panic attacks if I discover that I have this particular condition, but at least I will know that it was a legitimate health condition that has caused so much devastation in my life. Both of my parents have severe anxiety problems and unusual health problems, which is why I pursued an underlying genetic cause for my panic attacks. It won't change how my anxiety is treated, but medical professionals will at least recognize that there is an underlying genetic cause for my condition. This condition also affects the shape of the eye's corneas and the shape of the kidneys and colon. It's an uphill battle when searching for genetic disorders, especially as an adult, but you have to be your own advocate. Educate yourself as much as possible about panic attacks. Diet and external triggers are two things that you can control to improve your chances of having less severe panic attacks. Learn as much as you can about your condition. Self education is key when it comes to panic attacks. There is a major stigma in both society and the medical community in regard to panic attacks. They are often disregarded as a person's own weakness. I had a psychiatrist that told me I couldn't have panic episodes in my sleep, even though they occurred regularly with me. Three psychiatrists later, I discovered that it was possible, and even common, to have panic episodes in ones sleep. I hope that helps and best wishes for you friend.

Yes! A long time ago they often said people couldn’t have attacks in their sleep and have now changed their tunes lol I certainly have them about 30-45 mins after falling asleep, usually, or up to 4 hours after falling asleep.

I've been dealing with chronic panic attacks all of my life, in addition to other health issues. If you ever wanna chat, just hit me up. I'm on Facebook under Cee or Cindy Hernandez. Hang in there coz things will improve.

Can’t seem to find you lol Too many Cindy Hernandez lol I’m under Heather Hensley (Cuddy) :)


Thank you for sharing your link I will be watching your videos! I suffer from anxiety, panic and depression too.

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Glad to meet you 🙏🏻❤️

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