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I started having anxiety attack after my pressure increase to 170/120 afterward i checked 5 cardio, neuro and psychiatrist. All the test they performed are good no any problem. But still i was not satisfied so i visited Psychi...who advice me some med. I was doing regular med with exercise. Later i decide to do it with med only. it was very difficult but i did it. Few month after i got anxiety attack again and i visited the doc who as per my advice started the lower dose of blood pressure med.... and it goes well again. Again after a month i got panic attack and revisited the psychi doc whom i advice not to give me a med but he didn't advice that so i rejected it myself.... all is going well but now from few days i am getting feeling about my racing heart beat which my smart watch is showing and i am feeling dizzy after 2-6 am in the day time. Please help and suggest me.

I am continuously taking bp med....

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Ok, so you are aware that it is due to panic attacks that you are having these symptoms and not a physical cardiac emergency. I think you need to keep working on getting help with how to deal with panic attacks. Google it or look up other posts on here. It can be very frightening to get these symptoms but you have been reassured many times that it is due to panic attacks so I would just keep working on this and working at relaxation. Is there any reason for your panic? Work? Financial worries etc? If so then maybe you need to find a less stressful environment and this could help with your problem?

Gemma x

Only thing is i am alone working in saudi arabia to support my family. I want to be with my family but cant. I want to be as healthy as before. Any help and suggestion would be hight thankful

I have a great belief that in time you will become as healthy as before and able to be with your family again. Try and work on relaxing and not taking too much notice of your distressing symptoms.

I have high blood pressure, also, but not as high as yours. The medications are hard to take due to side effects. I think you are also lonely because you are in a foreign land. Where is your family? Exercise at a gym is a great help for me in regards to anxiety and depression. It also helps the blood pressure. Please consider that. How long will you be there?

BP is quite normal as per the doc and i dont need to continue my med. He suggested me as i am taking a low does i can reduce more and leave it but i am still taking it cause i am still not that mentally strong that i am convinced to totally stop taking it. My shift is 12 hous 2 week day and a week night. I am taking 20min work during day shift but still getting sleep is hard for me. eventhough i work for 12 hours plus an hour travel. Now i am having a feeling that my heart is racing but i am staying strong... trying to convenience myself all is well. Think positive.. 😁. Limited time so gym is no no

Yes, continue to think positive. :)

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