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Dear World,

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You give me the purpose behind the pain. You allow me to suffer for a reason. A reason you will never let me forget. The tools in which I hurt myself are handed to me by you. They never dull. You won’t allow it. In this place, you call “safe” are the many hidden blades I never struggle to find. You will gladly say the words which already live inside my head. You keep them alive and never let them rest; not even for a second. With ease, you turn my doubts into facts almost writing them down for future viewing. I read them over and over realizing I will never be good enough for you. No amount of cuts or scars could turn me into what you want. But you give them purpose, so I thank you for that.

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By the way, I’m Susan from SC! Nice to meet you neighbor! 🙂

But you are good’s our reaction to the world that makes a difference. We keep the words alive by going over and over them again and again. Wishing you peace of mind...

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