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Is this the way to live in a moment?


I just heard some idea on a radio and want to share, it seemed profound to me and important. And the guy who said that was in captivity in Somalia for 2 years.

So he learned there to live without a hope, because his hope was ruined many times there. He said that to feel hopeful and feel devastated are similar things: both of those feelings are about the future. When you don't feel either, you live in a moment.

I am still thinking about it because we all know how we need hope that tomorrow will be better than today. But to live in a moment was important for him to survive there, and may be it is something which can help me as well. and you?

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I have never heard of that. It makes a lot of sense to me though. I will have to ponder it. I suppose to have hope means that we don't value the moment we have been given right now? This is deep.

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I know...

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