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Yesterday was a big deal for me; it was the first day I was out and about without any of my anxiety drops or remedies (normally I carry a backpack around with anything that can help ease my anxiety).

My boyfriend and I went for a long car ride with no particular destination in mind and I was thinking about the possibility of being anxious but it never happened. Later he decided we'd go visit my friend (whom he hadn't met yet and I hadn't seen her in a year) who lives in the city which I was so excited about it could've felt like anxiety.

But I had no anxiety at all, I thought about the chances of having an episode but it never happened. The most that did was on our way home, but my boyfriend wasn't quick on his feet and started singing loudly and possibly incoherently in his car to change my focus.

These days I don't even really feel anxiety anymore (I feel like by saying that I am jinxing it) but it's an amazing feeling mixed with weird since I'm so use to feeling anxious.

I'd also like to recommend the book "The subtle art of not giving a f*ck" it has a lot of topics that I think helped me with my anxiety/depression/OCD and I think it could benefit others, plus it's pretty funny.

Wishing everyone positive vibes and happiness. Don't give up, I'm proud of you. :)

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I read some reviews on the book and have to say...I liked them....I'll have to look for it...

It's certainly worth the read I promise you, hope you're doing well! :)

doing better thanks....

Happy for you! 😊

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