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Today a customer came in through my line talking about how his pregnant wife wanted all this weird food (it was only waffles with whipped cream). I told him about my pregnancy and how I ate cheese and mixed ketchup in my ice cream. As he’s leaving he asks my how old my little one was. I was thrown off and couldn’t think of a lie so I told him how I miscarried. Of course he felt terrible and kept apologizing. Now my mood is all ehhh and I’m just depressed.

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i think after recounting such a painful event in ones life like you did would leave any sane person depressed. You are only human. If anything allowing yourself to feel will make healing from the trauma easier.

aw, I'm so sorry! It is such a hard thing to lose a baby! Give yourself a lot of grace and time. I know it hurts. Sharing with that man brought it back to you in force, but he couldn't have known that. I bet he's saying prayers of healing for you now. Also, it takes time for hormones to get back to normal esp after a miscarriage, since your body wasn't able to run it's full course of pregnancy. Keep working thru the grieving process, step by step. I hope you have someone to talk with if not, many churches offer free counseling services. Also, progesterone cream helps re-balance hormones, making it easier in your grief. Another thing I do is magnesium and ginseng to get rid of sticky negative thoughts looping around in my head and heart. Lifting you up to the Maker! <3

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