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Lost my Mental Strength


I can't anymore....My heart Can't, My Mind can't, feels like my world can't. I'm losing the war against Obstacles and Moving Forward. The attacks came from society and now they have breached into my home. I've lost myself. I've lost everything and I know that I've been holding myself back. I could be so much better musically if I would've just applied myself but I let myself go....my anxiety kept me from practicing cause I felt like others would hear me. I lost my home, thanks to the "new man of the house" I can't even trust my friends and I just feel like a bad person for that. My job is giving me hell but I'm still new to it. I'm struggling

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Hey wanna talk?

Sure. Well you may be asleep but one second

Hey there. I watch Anime and paint. I down myself terribly like you. I am lucky that my sons stop me before I reach the abyss again. It is almost impossible to trust anyone when one is in this mind set. I have no friends. No relatives. Zip. Pretty much dumped because I need help instead of helping.

I do know this much from my sons: let go. stop reproaching yourself! You are perfect and a child of the Universe.

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