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Anxiety fear and not feeling real


Everyday I try to do stuff that’s normal and act normal even though it doesn’t feel real to me and fear, anxiety hits me at random with no reason or thoughts causing it. And I feel tired most of the time which sucks but I believe that to be just be a symptom of what ever I have another thing is emotion most of the time I feel no emotion at all just numb and when I do feel emotion it’s too much emotion but doesn’t last long so that’s good and when I try to find comfort I can’t nothing works I’ve tried everything thing I can to get better some stuff does work but only gives me relief for a short amount of time. I want to be normal again and enjoy life but every thing seems mundane and pointless. My only hope is that I haven’t tried everything yet just what I can do cause I’m limited to money and transportation also remembering more simpler times helps a little. I know no one will be able to give me a exact answer to all my problems or be able to cure me instantly but doing something is better than nothing so I try even when nothing works.

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Are you bipolar?

No but I am autistic


Yes I’ve known for 2 years now was in denial for awhile until I excepted it I think aspergers can amplify mental illness but that’s just a theory I have. My anxiety from earlier is starting to go away so that’s good I guess

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