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Idk man

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I really just wanted somebody to like me, I thought that once that happened my fears about myself and how I perceived the world would more or less figure themselves out. I know it’s cliché to think that but I did, I truly thought my anxiety was based around my lack of self confidence.

Funny enough there’s this guy, and he really likes me. He wants to date me and everything, I also like him. He makes me laugh and he’s pretty cute, but the thought of being in a relationship is giving me crazy anxiety. I don’t even understand why the only way I have stopped is from dating is that we are leaving to university in the fall and it wouldn’t be smart. We were really drunk at stampede and then said we were dating, I woke up the next day and told him I didn’t remember any of it so then he said we weren’t dating. Why do I have his fear of commitment and anxiety when dealing with this situation??

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What about a relationship brings out your anxiety?

I honestly am unsure, I was so sure that I wanted a relationship but even the thought of one currently makes my stomach drop

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