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i just wanna go

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Life is sooooo overwhelming even the trees to me are to much, peoples voices to loud, everything bothers me. I been crying for 3 days straight my eyes are soooo puffy its hard to go to work n ppl are asking if im okay...i tell them allergies...my pain i can no longer hide. I told my friend today when i die dont cry dint even make my mom cry tell her that i am finally at peace n living i was never in a peace of mind. Im honestly tired i have not one fight left

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What a painful time you are going through right now! I have had ongoing hellacious periods of anxiety and depression but am feeling OK right now, actually feeling joy. The depression sucks and it's so hard to get out of it when you are in it. You didn't mention if you see a doctor for this or get counseling? I am thinking of you, I wish I could say something that could help. You are not alone though.

I’m new to this forum and I saw your post from a month ago. I truly hope by now you are in a much better place and have seen a professional counselor. I pray you keep your hope alive. Life gets better, don’t give up.

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