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Enjoying a Sunny Seattle Day


My morning anxiety has passed and I’m feeling much much calmer after a morning walk and Starbucks with my daughter. We sat in the warm breeze for over an hour and chatted about her friends, senior pictures, and job possibilities for her. I felt like a normal human. It felt good to drop the excessive worrying over finances and life stress and just be present with my amazingly strong and beautiful daughter. ☀️☕️

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Sounds like a good day. My 12 year old daughter loves Starbucks. It is used as a treat. When daughter is happy, dad is happy. She just can't have anything with caffeine. She bounces off the walls..😊


Absolutely beautiful!! I love spending time with my daughter too! She’s 33! 👵🏼

Yay! I have an amazing daughter, too. Time with her is the best. I'm so glad you had a great morning there in Seattle. Sounds like it's one to remember.

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