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What is this?!


I don’t necessarily want to call it a visual disturbance but I guess it could be. I feel like I’m unsteady on my feet....or like the world is constantly moving around me. It isn’t a spinning like in vertigo. Sometimes it feels like it takes my surroundings a second to catch up after I’ve turned my head from one side to the other. I assume it is related to anxiety because if I do something that requires me to focus and completely distracts me (like being dug out mom at my son’s baseball games) it goes away.


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i live with this weird sensation too. i have a brain injury and although it sometimes feels like visual disturbance it also feels like vertigo at times too. what about your hearing, have you tinnitus or problems with balance?

No tinnitus. Every once in a while I will stumble a little bit I’m not sure it is a balance thing. I do yoga okay and am able to balance on one leg for long periods of time with no issues.

lol, good news you can balance on one leg for a while. that is a really good thing. it could be tension in your neck or a back problem.

Thanks for replying!! I really appreciate your insight!


The Mirapex I take for my restless legs makes me feel kind of like what you’re describing. Unsteady, a little dizzy and tired. Is that what you’re talking about?

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Kinda. I don’t typically call it dizzy because I equate that with spinning. I usually describe it as “swimmy headed”....not that that really helps describe it!! 😂

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