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hopeless, cannot see my future


I quit my job because I hate to force my students to do endless homework and I hate the education system in this country. I do not want to work for money.I do not want to lie just in order to get money from people's pocket.But I will be broke if I do not do like that. I hate this world. Now I want to move to NZ where I am not sure that if this will change my destiny. I am very anxious and hopeless.

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You're not hopeless! I used to be in advertising and experienced the same dilemma. After soul searching and learning about who I am as a person, now I'm almost done nursing school and love every second of it. Life's too short to do what makes you feel hopeless. And you can't make other people happy all the time if you're not worrying about your well being and self esteem first. It's not selfish it's just healthy. anyone who thinks differently is toxic to you and maybe it's time to distant yourself from them! You're not alone!

Thanks for your words. Would you like to share about you experience to search soul and learn about how to be yourself ? That will be very helpful. Thank you.

Well it took some time, years to be exact. But basically I had to learn that everyone else's opinion about how I should walk and talk doesn't have anything to do with who I want to be. To be blatantly honest it's the hardest thing I've ever done. I lost old friends but gained true and more genuine friends in the process. You just have to take that first step and be firm that you're going to do what makes YOU happy, not everyone else because I found that you can't do anything to satisfy people unless you focus on yourself first. Hope that helps!

But if they were your parents ? How can I ignore them?

Its hard but talk to them about what you're going through. If they love you they will accept you. That's all you need in my opinion.

My step sister is a teacher and went to Thailand recently to teach underprivileged children to speak English. As an educator, maybe you can find something similar and use your experience towards something rewarding.

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Thanks for your advice. Maybe it's time for me to move. I like being a teacher but I am tired of forcing my students to finish meaningless homework which totally ruins their childhood.

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You like being a teacher- that's it. You figured out what you like. Most jobs are not ideal- but they should have something that you like. Also working for money as you know is a necessity- for paying the bills.

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