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Stress is killing me


My body feels so out of wack from all the stress I’ve been going through lately. I’m a very lonely person but I do have a boyfriend who means literally everything to me. The other day I had a mental breakdown in front of him not the first time it’s happened but it gets to a point where I can’t control what I’m doing because I’m not thinking. I was just wondering what are some ways you can calm yourself down when you’re hysterical?

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At that point it is best for me to be alone in my room with the lights out. I let myself cry as hard as I need to. My goal is not fix the situation, but simply not to make it worse. I would guess that the hysteria comes from trauma. It is not about him. It is about something else. But something in present day triggers it and then you become very upset. He cannot fix what is wrong at that point in time. Keep yourself safe and ride the wave of emotion. Then once you start to come back down, go to him and get a big hug. Let him know this is your plan ahead of time so he doesn't get scared or offended by leaving the situation for a bit.

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