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Extra stress


What do you do when you’re already battling depression and then you get hit with more triggers that knock you down even more? I’m at my wits end, I’m burned out at work, been working every day for almost 3 weeks now and some days are 14 hours. I know I need a break, a vacation- I try to go out about once a week if I get a day where I’m done early to try and keep my sanity, but even that only lasts 1/2 a day and I’m right back where I was. This is on top of getting divorced, which I don’t want, but can’t change her mind. To say I am on overload is a drop in the bucket. Any suggestions to help get me through until at least work slows down in a couple of weeks and I can then take a few days to get away before I lose it

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Wow that’s a lot to deal with. When I was overloaded I started going to therapy and my therapist started helping me deal in ways that specifically catered to my struggles. That may be helpful for you. Sometimes I try to do the little things that make me feel good. It may sound silly but I do things like take the second to smell my coffee and enjoy the aroma or take an extra second to pet my cat before I rush out the door. Just little things that make me happy that are a part of my regular routine. Hope you find the relief you deserve soon

I'm sorry you're going through such a difficult situation. I wish I had a solution for you but I don't. Otherwise, I wouldn't be here in this forum. When i'm at my lowest I listen to some meditation and hypnosis recordings that I found on YouTube. They seem to help me a bit. I also started going to a yoga class on Saturdays. I have social anxiety on top of depression and it is very hard for me to get out and meet people and make friends so I'm pretty much by myself. I am forcing myself to go to that class as I tend to isolate myself, especially during bad episodes of depression and anxiety. I know how you feel. I hope things get better for you soon and you are able to take the time off you deserve and need.

You are dealing with a lot all at once, which would be extremely difficult for anyone on top of having depression. Although this seems small and not earth shattering, when I have experienced bad life events on top of being depressed, I try (sometimes it feels so hard) to do one small thing each day that I enjoy but also feels like an accomplishment. That way it is relaxing but also boosts your mood when your brain is telling you that you are failing. Sometimes it is reading just one chapter in my book before I fall asleep, or making my dinner even if it is something simple. Timing on my phone for 5 minutes and sitting outside and trying to breathe. Even in all the busy these small moments have saved my sanity so I can get through it over time.



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