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Story of a boy with depression from Pakistan

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My name is Baseer Ahmad Khan.I am 23 years old from Pakistan.My depression started at the age of 16 years old when my family moved to city where i was supposed to gain higher education.I struggled alot with my studies but after one and a half year,i broke down emotionally.I lost all my interest in studies.I also consulted a psychiatrist.By the time,I got admission in an engineering university,which ended up in me,cancelling my admission.Though i had completed the time of 4 years,which is required to complete an engineering degree,still a lot of subjects were supposed to be passed.After i left engineering,not being a graduate,i got admission in bachelor of arts,which again,i gave up.Right now,Its second time i have got admission in bachelor of arts and by 12th july 2018,there is my exam for bachelor of arts.

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Hi and welcome...

Welcome Baseer. Do your best on July 12th with your exam. Believe in yourself and what you want for your future. Giving up is never an option. If we don't try in life, we may never know what we may have achieved. Good Luck We support you

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