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Summer and Social Anxiety


I want to force myself to do more things, become more sociable, not be embarrassed of who I am in public, and stop comparing myself to other people. I have a strong fear of public embarrassment and judgement. I'm insecure about every little thing when I'm around others, even one on one, so it's hard to enjoy myself. I feel tense all the time. I make plans with people and then bail unless I'm really comfortable around them; I just hate being stuck in a situation where I feel like I have to stay or upset the people I'm with. This happens a lot, where I will be uncomfortable/anxious and not remove myself from the situation or accommodate it for me in any way. I don't want to risk the chance of inconveniencing others or asking for a favor, and I just do not want any attention on me at all (i.e. walking out of a room to go to the bathroom, asking someone for money they owe me, expressing uncomfortableness in a physical climate/situation, etc.) Most of the time when I go out, besides work, I wish I was at home. I used to go to concerts and hang with groups more but lately it's just so much effort. My social anxiety has gotten worse in the past 6 months. Maybe part of it is due to getting my license suspended until late August which limits my mobility and opportunities. I do enjoy time alone and definitely need it, but the way I shut down in front of people really brings me down sometimes. Hopefully working on self-esteem, confidence, and meeting my needs will ease me into social situations.

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Things will definitely get better. I personally know how u feel.

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