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Rejection and Depression


I visited a friend out of state who once helped me on Experience Project. I really stuck my neck out there and he called me brother and close friend. It's hard for me to make close friendships due to my anxiety. I know feel alienated and of not priority anymore. I don't know what to do. I've confronted him about it. Was addressed at first but now I feel rejected again.

I have lowered in self worth and dove into depression. I always do this when getting close to someone and it either isn't mutual or doesn't appear so. I'm so down.

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I also have a hard time making friends. But I think something that would help is keeping in mind that you can't control how a person feels, so give this friendship some time. Keep your friendship close as much as you can, but don't expect anything from your friend. Don't push it to hard. I hope it helps you.

It helped in part so thak you. I did try and address things head on at first and it did help for awhile but my friend and I are very different. He an extroverted individual who gets caught up in the many. I'm a few friends kind of guy that couldn't if I tried. Not natural for me. He gave me affirmations at those times. I guess, you are right, can't force it. People, contrary to popular thought, don't always act in connection to who or what they value most. So I'll sit here observing I'm one of 8 brothers listed on his profile when he has sisters as actual and I have him listed with my 2 adopted brothers. I'll wonder why I'm also to initiate al every convo now. Meanwhile I hope to make other friends so as not to feal like a book on a shelf.

From what you've said he really sounds like a great guy who cares about you. I'm glad to help. I hope you're feeling better already. I wish you all the best

Thanks much

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