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Waiting it out


Today is especially hard..three days til I can get in to see my doctor to change my meds. My anxiety is through the roof. This month has been so hard with suicidal thoughts, the whole nine yards. Just trying to wait it out. Trying to get through three more days. I gotta work even though all I want to do is sleep and cry. I'm a hot mess. I don't want to check myself in anywhere. I just gotta make it. Nice to be able to say how I feel to those who know what I'm talking about.

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I know exactly how you feel, I know it’s rubbish especially to feel so low, exhausted and drained.

But honestly keep going! The thoughts will go away (I’ve had it said to me and I know it’s something that makes you think yeah right you don’t know) but you just have to beat it! I suffer with anxiety and depression all I wanna do is sleep and cry but we can’t let it beat us!

We’re better than it! I’m new here only joined today but I already feel safe to say how I feel knowing I’ll get a welcoming response from amazing people.

Stay strong hunny ❤️

Thank you so much. I just joined today too. I suffer from the same as you. I know what you are saying. I can beat this. I got a strange feeling when I posted this of relief, so I know this is helping. Thank you again!!

I know what you feel I didn’t know about this website I found it on the NHS website cause I just needed somewhere to find people to talk to.

You’re very welcome! Look after yourself xx

I’m new here also. Please know that you will get through this. Reading always helps me calm my thoughts. Keep posting and let it out.

Hi! I have a severe fear of death that triggers my panic attacks. It's not a good feeling. We have to push through this tho and not let our thoughts win. We are here to help and it's nice to know we can relate to others without judgment. I hope you start feeling better.

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