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introducing myself

I'm retired, married, kids and grandkids, and I have anxiety attacks. Sometimes it's due to everyday worries that I gnaw like a dog with a bone. Sometimes it pops up at unexpected and unexplainable times. And then there's today. I have reactive hypoglycemia on occasion; not usually a problem, IBS (often a problem) and fibromyalgia and autoimmune arthritis (a 28 year long problem). The hypo really is rare; but today Oldest Son took us out to a tapas bar. I had two small glasses of red wine with the tapas we shared (think "high priced snacks"). Not enough food for even that little bit of wine, apparently. A few hours later, I had a hypoglycemia attack. Took care of it (I hope) with half a Coke and will be shortly eating some yogurt for nighttime. And I took a Xanax because the thing blew me into full on panic attack mode. That's calming down, though an ongoing intestinal issue isn't helping. I always wonder about innards and anxiety; chicken or the egg; but anyway...

So. I swear I sometimes feel like one of those jugglers with kitchen knives or lit torches, trying to keep everything balanced and oh, yeah, occasionally have a good time with friends and family. It being Sunday night and us living in the back of beyond, there's no urgent care to go to within 40 miles or more, and truthfully, it'll probably subside by morning. But this was just one anxiety attack too many, and I happened to find this group in a google search, so here I am.

I'm waiting for my husband to get back from town with the yogurt, feeling stirring of the lower innards complaining and the anxiety trying to surge back. My Xanax are the lowest dose you can get so I can take a second one, but I sure hope that both the innards and the anxiety can just call it a day and stop, already.

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Welcome hillcountryoldie. Glad you found us. You have a lot going on but seem to know how to handle it. Have your yogurt when your husband gets back, relax and work with the Xanax in allowing you to get a good night's sleep. Tomorrow's another day, we can talk then. Wishing you calm and peace. :) xx


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