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Introducing myself...

Hi, everyone, I just signed up...55 yr old male with anxiety and ocd and panic attacks like tremors, sweating, and the fear is almost imbarable....from all this I also have heavy depression...

Been dealing with this for 20 yrs and the symptoms worsen as I get older.. part of the reason I had to retire early...

I'm not over weight, about buck fifty small guy.. my anxiety is health phobia.....I over analyze how I feel 24/7......plus I have irratable bowel too...all hand in hand....

I've been to soooo many many classes, over the yrs....through Kaiser in California..but have no positive results.....everything with them is a band aid...never try to help you get to the cause...here try Effexor, Paxil, Zoloft, klonapin, ...I settled on 20mg of Lexapro..the side effects of the other meds was absolutely horrible...I also have Lorazapam when I derail...I know about the cognitive behavior therapy, been through it all at this point....I tend to sit around an cry alone alot...I guess you can call that the self pity part.....

I'm not suicidal ... but this has complete control of my life and always has.....all the mental pain the over thinking and the worst is the fear....this was my wife's suggestion to join and see where this takes me...some doctors tell you it's genetic others say it's from tramatic events...basically they don't freaking know!

No siblings just one aunt left in the US....who's 85 and I look out for her... I don't have good days I just have not so bad days...

My heart goes out to you if you suffer like me, our worst enemies shouldn't be put through this......I also don't do you any good if you wear your heart on your sleeve.......Cheers from the Bay Area....

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Hi Demetrios it is so nice to meet you and glad you joined. I just joined a few days ago and have already made some good friends and I'm really enjoying it. Thank you for sharing your story. It sounds like you have been through some rough times. We are here for you with general support and emergency support, too.

Welcome! 😁


Thanks for sharing. I can definitely relate. I'll be 55 soon too and the energy is definitely decreasing and there seems to be less hope of solving problems. The hope seems to come and go. The weekends should be the best but instead they're harder than the work routine! I guess I'm not doing anything to help you here- sorry!


please, less of the hopelessness at 55! lol. not a hope in hell of giving up, never too late. keep going.


hi, you know how things work right, you get afraid that there's something wrong and as if by magic our bodies immediately start to behave as if there is something wrong! that circle keeps on rotating round and round and round again. heart rate speeds up to help us run, sweating to cool us down, expelling waste to make us lighter, adrenalin release for extra power surge and all when we don't need them!! yet without them, we wouldn't survive... weird. in context, none of these are scary, but out of context- wow!!!

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I have health anxiety too, and when I read what you wrote about overanalyzing how you feel 24/7...gosh, that could have been me writing that. I've also tried and failed on many different meds. I now just take Xanax. Seems to help with the over thinking. Another side effect of the health anxiety is fear of taking new meds and the side effects, which I just always know I will get once I read them--and I can't not read them. This has begun to take such a toll that I sit and cry often, much more often than I used to. You're definitely not alone.

I hope you find some relief! :)

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I suffered from OCD for 8 years so I know part of what you are going through. To control intrusive thoughts, I take fluvoxamine, lorazapam, and Klomipramin. Try talking to your doctor about Fluvoxamine & Klomipramin. I still had obsessive thoughts though they were less with fluvox. But klomipramin works wonders! It was the first medicine designed specifically for OCD.

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Thank you for all the replies....update today they have me taking propanalol 10mg (it's a performance speaking type drug)

It's not a narcotic like the lower mentioned one..

along with 1mg ativan (Lorazapam). to help with the tremors..I shake so bad sometimes I can't speak clearly....

My two biggest triggers are my stomach and intestinal tract...

I controls my life...I'm afraid to travel more than 50 or 100 miles from home..

I'm so finicky with food that if something remotely doesn't taste too good I'll starve before eating anything else....

I was reading where folks like us have inquiries about assisted suicide to end their yrs of suffering....

When something has that kind of control over your life where's the quality doctors always talk about..

What's the end goal put on zombie meds....back when I was on Paxil at my dad's funeral I had absolutely no emotions...we were very close (demetia) took him.

Same with my mother (overian cancer).

Over 45 million people in the US suffer from mental illnesses and this nation is the worst at taking care of them..

Hell we can't even look out for the elderly without going broke and in lifetime debt.

1 in 4 people in the world suffer from anxiety / depression....the way this world is now that number shouldn't shock anyone..

I have lost all hope on society. My hope is there are a few caring an loving people still left willing to help one another without monital gain.....


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