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Oh no not again!

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I have a wedding to go to in a few hours. I have everything ready, what I’m going to wear and my gift.

Then the thought pops into my head—I can’t go. I’d rather stay home in the the comfort of my room. No having to do my hair, slapping on makeup to sweat like a pig.

There is a 98.5 chance that I won’t go. I’m unreliable, a bad person and a bad friend. Arrggghhh

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Please don't put yourself down like that! Stay strong...you can do this!!! Keep the faith! Throwing you some joy!!! XXX

Take deep breathes inhale deeply through your nose and exhale slowly. Keep doing it.

Remind yourself that this is a thought and tell yourself you know what it is. Sending you hugs.

Thank you. I’m trying to tell myself that I’ll have fun or I’ll trip in my high heels, sweat through my clothes etc. I sweat a lot. Also I got married in that same church 29 years ago. I’d love to see it. Yikes.

Hi I know how you feel. The question is would you enjoy it once you are there? If so it could be worth making the effort. If not then just plead illness or something. No one can argue with that. x

So..did you go ? And how'd it turn out? The thread left it hanging.

I never went. ☹️ I’m pathetic because I’m unreliable. It was so hot that day and then there was a severe thunderstorm.

I’m not sure I would have enjoyed it like I once would have. I should have gone. And then I feel like a shit a couple days later—-I sent my card with what I thought was a generous amount of money. I never received a thank you card. This is so irritating because I give gifts and have not received a thank you for the last three times. Are thank you’d are irrelevant these days?

We have to do things like this. Someone once told me years and years ago that when I did not show up for his events he was very hurt. So sometimes we press our way there, make sure they know you are there, get through the most important part and tell them you need to leave, you not feeling well, you knew you could not stay late, etc. or possibly you may enjoy it once you are there and help close the place that day.

And I should mention, I still do this, but sometimes, once in a while I force myself to go.

I cancelled an appointment today. It’s so hard. I have a commitment in October where I will meet new people and old friends. I have to force myself because I know I’ll feel better. It’s so easy to cancel

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