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Stop these panic attacks


I wish I could stop these panic attacks they are back so bad and meds aren’t helping

Everyone in my life has disappeared

I’ve managed to mess up things with the person I wanted to be in my future

I’m trying to put on a happy face and act like I’m getting better but I’m dying inside

I don’t ever think I’ll be the person I once was- those days are gone! All I see ahead of me is more pain depression and heartache

I wish there was away to turn off the thoughts in my head and become numb

I wish someone could help me but it’s hopeless

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I too struggle with these feelings.. I've manage to loose my family, including the father to my only child. Life is getting harder and harder to coop with. I feel like I am in a hole with no way to climb out, but I have a shovel, so I dig and it's not helping me. Please, reach out to me if you need to talk. I always find comfort in others words, especially if they understand what this is like.

Hey....Firstly let me tell u its not all hopeless...I started having panic attacks in 2000...My mum had passed away and they hit me like a ton of bricks...they became daily attacks sometimes 3/4 a day....thought I was dying lol I obviously didn't lol...then one day I woke up and nothing they were gone....I literally was panic free for 6 yrs...then back they came and I now have them every morning...looking back and trying to figure out how they stopped...I remember I started studying at the time on a subject I loved...for me ...complementary therapy...and I became so focused on the subject that I completely forgot about the attacks and they stopped...I believe if u find something that u really love to do and can really focus on for a long period of time...they will lessen or stop altogether....give it a try and've nothing to lose but your panic :) Good Luck

Sorry to hear you are in such turmoil, maybe look into CBT this therapy has a good success rate. It is really about re-training your brain and how you percieve threats, in other words we create the panic ( usually based on a past experience that may never happen again). I hope you can get some help, a good place to start asking is with your doctor.

Hoping you start to feel better soon.


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