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I've stopped feeling?

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Normally I feel things to the extremes like I will not just be joyful I'll ecstatic, I won't feel down I'll be devastated but for the last week I've just stopped feeling. Even on my birthday I couldn't feel happiness it's just an underlying constant ache. No joy, no sadness just emptiness. I'm not sure what to do, I can't get to see my doctor as I'm currently at university... Any suggestions?

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I'm sorry you’re in this place emotionally....what brings you there....what's been going on in your life ...are you shutting down because you are overwhelmed emotionally, fearful, feeling helpless...what's going on. The other thing is, I had councillors in school we could talk to you...maybe your school does too.

I don't know what to say except you need to see a Dr and maybe get on a mood stabilizer. Sorry.

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