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Stress Anxiety.


Every time I get into a very stressful situation, my anxiety runs very high. I get very irritated. I feel extremely depressed and I sometimes have suicidal thoughts. An example of a stressful situation for me would be getting into an argument with someone. If any of you have ever experienced this would you please give me advice to help me get through this. Thank you.

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Sorry to hear about your stress and anxiety!! it's tough😣Arguing can be terrible especially if it doesn't get resolved- is pointless or doesn't go anywhere productive!! wish we as humans could figure out better ways to stop or avoid this altogether!! All I can say is try to steer away as best you can from subjects atleast with certain people that you think may react negatively and argue about? and if it does happen try to remove yourself as best you can- I heard a suggested tip on getting away from bad convo by if you hav your phn handy setting your phone alarm to go off in few mins then exuse yourself to answer it? try saying prayers to calm down or have peace also try the old counting trick count to yourself to ten to calm down &just take some good deep breaths!

just some thoughts- hopefully these can help somewhat? you're not alone and others hear def. understand!!💞☺️🌻

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