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A Girl


There is a girl

Who runs away every time with tears

No one can hear her or calm her

She sits in a corner of a room

Crying from inside

Surrounded by darkness

The happiness is gone so is she who used to be before

The only thing is left behind is tears and her deepest sorrows

No one can hear her or calm her

She has blocked everyone from her life

She is a living corpse

who has lost her soul

The day when she surrounded herself

with darkness and loneliness

Unable to share her thoughts

She starts to wonder

Is she a worth to live in this sad life

Or is it better to die

She lies on the ground

Her heart is pounding faster

She closes her eyes and wishes one thing from god

To give me happiness in my next life

As the wind blows

So is her last breathe

4 Replies

beautifully written, good work AmIHappy.....I know what it's like to want to be invisible to the world...and just float away quietly into some warm soft safe place....my childhood and young adult life were a very sad place...I understand the words....I can only say to all here who are so young and feel the same....just look at what good work like this poetry that could also be in your hearts, just waiting to be shared with others like yourself so they don't feel so alone with their thoughts.....artists, writers, musicians.....all these creative minds throughout history, most had the same motivation for self expression....keep up the good work. Your an inspiration to others....

AmIHappy in reply to fauxartist

thank you very much fauxartist ! You are an inspiration to others too...you motivate people in ur writings and comments u write...keep motivating people like this and we will motivate you too!

This is so beautiful. It calmed my heart as I was reading it.

AmIHappy in reply to Erika2325

thank you for reading it. i will try to keep posting one poem everyday

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