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i'm alone and depressed

i need some motivation to keep going with my life. everyday i just locked myself in room,waiting for another day, another hope. maybe. i can't go anywhere due my family finance problems. its so sad that i got nobody to lend me their ears to relieve this burden. "oh i'm sorry.i am busy right now" "hey,its nothing. you just extra" these response i had when i try to share my problems with friend and family. its stuck in deep of my heart, but nobody see. (they see but its not their problems. i just hope one fine day i can set free like a bird and i got chance to find myself and enjoy my life before my last breath. from : me (the one who laugh in front all of you but dead inside)

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Hi Zack97, Know that you have found a place who will listen to you. That is not to busy to hear your pain. You have found a safe place to come to when feeling all alone. We understand all too well what it is like to be pushed away by deaf ears.

Locking yourself in your room is not living. It's not how life was meant to be. Let us try to help free you, if not physically then emotionally and setting you free like a bird. There are things you can do to rid yourself of the emotional pain. One thing is talking to us, releasing some of that sadness and fear you feel. You are not alone. We understand. We want to help each other enjoy their life the best they can with what we've been given to deal with.

I'm hoping that you will get the motivation you need from this group, to unlock your bedroom door and come out and talk with your virtual friends. We need people in our lives and we are here for you Zack97. :) xx

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hey Zack...I am sorry your not getting the support at's terribly lonely when that happens....but try to remember that you are worth being validated, sadness is a real problem with a lot of us, your not alone here. I am glad your sharing about how your feeling and these are good people here. I see a ray of hope in your post, you do seem to feel you can have a better life someday...and can. I understand your financial restrictions are a for most of us I think...but it doesn't prevent you from getting out and doing stuff that doesn't cost anything. I used to just like going to the library....pre internet...yeah...imagine...But having the internet means now having the world at your finger tips...we don't have to be alone....and your not.

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