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The Value of Crying?


I've been having a relapse of depression and anxiety for the past month or so. I'm under treatment with a psychiatrist and waiting for the anti-dep to fully kick in. Still, on occasion, the anxious thoughts in my mind build up to the point where I just need to cry. I don't know why I'm afraid to cry - maybe it's because I'm a man and we're not supposed to cry - but I do feel better afterwards, and the anxious thoughts sort of go away, at least for a while. Anyone else have this experience?

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I'm not a man but that "men don't cry" is such a myth. Crying relieves a lot of tension. Whether crying from happiness or sadness just means you have feelings. What's wrong with that?Don't feel bad at all.

arcenciel in reply to Lyn842

Thank you for your encouragement and understanding.

I’m not a man but I can’t imagine having depression and not cry.

Crying helps a lot. Take care of yourself and do you have to do for YOU.

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