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Always crying , so much loss

I am 17 years old and my dog passed away last year. Still not over it, but I’m getting better slightly. My dad fell in November and broke his arm and 4 ribs but he recovered. I have had 3 deaths in my family in 2018. My dad is around 68 and has a diabetic foot ulcer which turned into gangrene. I don’t want him to lose his foot or anything worse to happen. I think about negative things all the time which turns into mental breakdowns daily. I want to talk to a therapist but they can’t help with these health problems. I want things to get better.

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I'm so sorry and I know I can't do anything to help but to hope everything gets better for you and your family. I know its not much help at all and I wish I could to something to help you...

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Death, past negative memories. I am overall such a negative person but I don’t see how I can be positive with all these bad things happening in my life.


Death is one of my biggest fears but not of my own, of my loved ones and living without them.


Anxiety that comes from losing someone. Got news today that my dad’s foot got worse. Another mental breakdown.


Dear April, so sorry to how you feeling, if we could wrap are feelings en, life would be good. Listen April I have thought so many times end it, but we can't because of the heartache you would leave behind, that's y people who take their lives are cowards, it's who you leave behind the fact your talking about it is a big first step, too making it better,

Wake up it then think it only get better , as it can't get worse, one day at a time keep positive darling xx


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